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paul-bw-linkedinPaul Roberts has been operating in the DNS/DHCP/IPAM (DDI) market for nearly twenty years. Paul started deploying and supporting Alcatel-Lucent’s VitalQIP way back in 1997 and has since worked with various other vendors and their products including Bluecat, Efficient IP, BT Diamond IP and Infoblox.

Paul’s company, Calleva Networks, specialises in providing DDI solutions, mainly from Infoblox (NYSE:BLOX), but also works with other vendors, partners and resellers providing professional services, pre-sales support, managed services and development services.

This gives Paul a unique insight into the DDI market, and also what is happening on the ground within customer environments.

Since Infoblox floated on the New York stock exchange in April 2012, Paul has received a steady stream of calls from investment analysts and a recent call demonstrated that some analysts struggle to understand why an organisation would need an IPAM or broader DDI solution, what exactly is it, how does it help organisations, what benefits does it provide, and ultimately, why do people purchase Infoblox?

With this in mind, Paul is able to offer a 1 hour consultation to help investment analysts understand this market and why Infoblox is rated by Gartner as the market leader amongst it’s peers.

The session will be very much driven by you, but some example topics might include:

  • An introduction to DNS, DHCP and IPAM and why they are so important
  • What do customers use if they don’t have a commercial solution like Infoblox?
  • Why do customers pick Infoblox over other solutions in this market?
  • What are Infoblox’s key differentiators and how do they compare with other vendors?
  • What trends are driving Infoblox’s growth?

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