Calleva Networks announces the launch of D/R Application Switcher (DRAS)

dras banner-1000w-with-textlogo-v1Demonstrating an organizations ability to invoke a disaster recovery plan is a regulatory requirement for certain institutions and needs to be performed on a regular basis.

Most organizations use the Domain Name System (DNS) to facilitate their Disaster Recovery plans.  DNS is used to route clients to “online” servers – it is already part of the infrastructure, and well understood.

However, reconfiguring DNS so that clients are redirected to the D/R datacenter instead of the production datacenter (and back again) is a labour intensive error-prone task, especially when there are hundreds of applications that need switching. Even a commercial IPAM solution only reduces the technical complexity involved, it does not remove the need to actually modify DNS records and errors can still be introduced.

Calleva Networks is proud to announce the release of D/R Application Switcher (DRAS) to help organizations streamline their business continuity plans by automating the switching of large volumes of DNS records.

Paul Roberts, CEO of Calleva Networks said, “This is our first major home-grown application and was built because we have seen large organizations struggle with the challenge of manually switching hundreds of DNS records when a business continuity plan needs to be invoked, either for testing or in a real-world D/R scenario. Manually reconfiguring DNS is an onerous, error-prone task, and we believe we can help organizations reduce errors and achieve their Recovery Time Objective (RTO) by removing many of the manual steps that are usually required.”

“We are initially targeting Infoblox customers globally, and DRAS works right out of the box with Infoblox by leveraging the rich API’s that Infoblox provides. However we will add support for other DDI platforms dependent upon demand”.

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About Paul Roberts

Paul has spent his entire career within the IT industry and since 1997 has been deploying DNS, DHCP and IPAM solutions globally. Paul is a regular guest speaker at exhibitions and seminars.

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