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Infoblox_logo_taglineInfoblox delivers essential technology to enable customers to manage, control and optimize DNS, DHCP, IPAM (DDI).  Infoblox’s patented Grid™ technology helps businesses automate complex network control functions to reduce costs and increase security and uptime – building bulletproof, scalable and efficient networks.

Infoblox Solutions

dns-dhcp-servicesDNS & DHCP Core Services

The Trinzic Network Services and Management family of products enable companies to manage, control, and optimize DNS, DHCP, and other services. The product family leverages existing investments, paves the way to the cloud, and ensures network services uptime.

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ip-address-management_0IP Address Management (IPAM)

The Trinzic IPAM product family includes the base IPAM product (part of the Trinzic DDI bundle), a freeware version, and add-ons for VMware virtualization and Microsoft server environments. IPAM automates and simplifies IP address management for a more resilient network while yielding significant savings in labour.

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network-automationNetwork Automation

In addition to core network services (DDI) solutions – Infoblox also offers a complimentary, powerful network automation platform which enables discovery, switch port management, network change configuration and compliance management for multi-vendor network devices. Automation cuts down administrator workload and reduces risk of network outages due to improper configurations or changes.


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infoblox-appliancesCloud Network Automation

Enterprises are increasingly building private clouds to deliver agile, low-cost IT services to their line of business (LOB) stakeholders. While much of the storage and compute management for private clouds is automated, delivery of critical network services is still performed manually. This leads to slower application deployments, increased risk of errors, and significant cost associated with manual tasks.

Infoblox delivers critical network services for the cloud, including DNS, DHCP, and IP address management. Infoblox also provides greater visibility into virtual machines and tenants, empowering administrators to get a real-time view into cloud resources as they are provisioned and enabling enterprises to roll out applications faster and to deliver more reliable business services.

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network-automationDNS Traffic Control

Today, network performance equates to business performance. DNS-based traffic control, also known as global server load balancing (GSLB) is one of the most effective technologies for optimising network traffic to web and application servers.

Infoblox DNS Traffic Control adds GSLB functionality to Infoblox’s leading enterprise-grade DNS platform. This natural combination enables most organisations to eliminate the need for a separate GSLB solution (such as F5 GTM or Cisco GSS) — helping reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining a standalone load balancer. DNS Traffic Control runs on the unique patented Infoblox Grid™ technology, so administrators can manage all DNS, DHCP, IPAM, and GSLB functionality from one centralised management GUI, saving significant time and effort.

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infoblox-appliancesDelivery Options: Physical & Virtual Appliance Range

Infoblox technology is available on a variety of physical and virtual appliances to suit any organization’s needs. However, physical appliances are most often chosen by our customers because the appliance is purpose built for the task. Physical appliances are inherently more reliable, manageable, scalable, and secure than software running on general-purpose servers. No matter what your preference, Infoblox has a delivery option for you.

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Next Steps

Getting started with Infoblox is simple. No matter what stage in the process you are at, Calleva Networks can enable you with the resources you need to help Evaluate, Design and Deploy your Infoblox infrastructure.

Webinar: Register for our webinar to learn more about Infoblox products and understand the top reasons for choosing Infoblox.Experience: Try out our online Infoblox Demo platform.

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