Support Services

We can offer a range of support services to suit your requirements. Our support centre is based in the UK and provides access to highly-trained technical support engineers with 3rd line backup direct from the product manufacturer.

Standard 8x5 Support

This is our standard support offering and provides hardware and software support between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday within the UK, excluding Bank Holidays and other Public Holidays.

This level of service is suitable if the DDI infrastructure is not deemed critical to warrant full 24×7 cover. The “Advanced Replacement” service is an optional component of this contract, meaning that should a hardware failure occur, it will be possible to request a replacement appliance before sending the failed appliance back to the manufacturer.

Premium 24x7 Support

This is our premium support offering and provides hardware and software support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

This level of service is necessary if the DDI infrastructure is providing network services for critical parts of the network. Furthermore this level of service will include the “Advanced Replacement” option by default.

Advanced Replacement Service

If a hardware appliance develops a fault that requires it to be swapped out (known as an “RMA”), the standard support contract will normally require that the defective unit is returned to the manufacturer for repair. It is only then that the manufacturer will ship a replacement appliance, meaning that there could be a short period of time where the appliance is not available on the network. Normally though, there would be resilience built into the infrastructure using technologies such as DHCP Failover, DNS-HA and DNS Anycast, so it should be possible to operate normally with a failed appliance for a short time.

However, in order to further reduce the risk to your business, the “Advanced Replacement” option can be added to the standard support agreement so that a replacement appliance is shipped as soon the fault call is logged. This option is included by default with the premium support agreement.

The “Advanced Replacement” option guarantees that a replacement appliance is with you on the next business day. You will then be able to swap out the failed appliance and return the failed unit in your own time, reducing down-time to a minimum.

Hardware Monitoring (Managed DDI Lite service)

An option that can be added to the support agreements is the “Managed DDI Lite” service. This involves monitoring the hardware so that any issues can be detected immediately and escalated to the relevant person.