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IPControl is the most comprehensive and flexible IPAM solution on the market today. IPControl is available as a software application or pre-installed on Sapphire appliances. IPControl provides centralised, full lifecycle management of mission-critical IP management (IPAM) functions, including IPv4 and IPv6 address space allocation, address assignment, allocation/reallocation/moves, pool monitoring and utilisation tracking and creation and deployment of multi-vendor DNS and DHCP configurations. Its flexible deployment options for integration with your multi-vendor DNS/DHCP infrastructure, intuitive graphical user interface and unsurpassed customisability make it the leading IPAM software on the market.

Integrated, Full Lifecycle Management

IPControl supports the entire lifecycle of an IP address. It enables cohesive and simplified management of IP address space, subnets, individual address assignment, DNS and DHCP in one integrated solution.

Ease of Use and Reliability

IPControl provides holistic management and auditing perspective across entire IP networks, enabling high availability and rapid reconfiguration of servers due to outages, planned reconfigurations or changes of roles. It’s intuitive web interface and validation features enable accurate configuration and IP management and DNS/DHCP servers by non-expert users thanks to policies and templates that deploy pre-set configurations. Automated optimal address block allocation saves time, reduces errors and maximises address utilisation.

Flexibility and Scalability

IPControl has exceptional scalability; it has been in production managing millions of addresses. Its flexibility is also quite impressive, with a patent-pending container mechanism that enables address organisation according to topology, geography, servers and domains. The web services XML/SOAP API facilitates inter-system provisioning and streamlined workflow while administration is simplified by user-configured fields for devices, blocks and containers. Additionally, well-defined administrator roles, controls and reports promote accountability and automate audit tracking.

Proactive and Preventive Management

IPControl includes address pool monitoring and automated alerts that help prevent IP address depletions and the resulting losses in productivity and revenue. The association of IP addresses with topology or other user-defined container structures allows for fast troubleshooting and resolution. Exception reporting shows the differences between your planned allocations and configurations and those that have been deployed.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Affordably priced at 50% or less than most comparable software solutions, our integrated IPv4/IPv6 support protects your investment in your current infrastructure, streamlines migration and provides an ROI of more than 150%.

Address Planning
  • IPv4 and IPv6 networks can be allocated to any CIDR size or prefix length with the ability to configure individual IP addresses, ranges or address pools within networks.
  • Choose the automated address allocation to maximise utilisation efficiency or use the manual override option for more control over address allocation.
  • User-defined policies determine which block and device types are permitted within the hierarchy and who can administer them.
  • Address utilisation trending and forecasting enables proactive address capacity management.
  • Provides “planned vs. actual” views of IP address space.
DNS/DHCP Server Configuration
  • Server templates streamline the server configuration process.
  • IPControl supports DHCP failover, multi-tiered addressing, multi-homed hosts, processing, client IP and dynamic DNS.
  • DNS configuration verification tool is included in the software.
Address Management
  • Our patented container structure enables address management according to your topology, geography or other user-defined hierarchy.
  • Layer 2 switch, Layer 3 router and IP discovery features enable IP inventory assurance and identify potential access control violations.
  • Advanced IPv6 address management enables automated block allocation, domain creation, AAAA/PTR resource record automation and tracks both IPv4 and IPv6 address space in a single data base repository.
  • Automates reporting to Regional Internet Registries.
  • User-defined thresholds and alerts provide notification of impending address depletion.
  • Multiple graphical reports are available for any level in the container or address block hierarchy.
  • Audit Reporting can be used to track administrators, subnets, devices, IP addresses, DNS resource records and containers.
  • Granular administrator policies control access by function, geography, domains, subnets and blocks.

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