Infoblox Cloud Network Automation

Automate provisioning and de-provisioning of critical network services in cloud VM deployments.

Enterprises are increasingly building private clouds to deliver agile, low-cost IT services to their line of business (LOB) stakeholders. While much of the storage and compute management for private clouds is automated, delivery of critical network services is still performed manually. This leads to slower application deployments, increased risk of errors, and significant cost associated with manual tasks.

Infoblox delivers critical network services for the cloud, including DNS, DHCP, and IP address management. Infoblox also provides greater visibility into virtual machines and tenants, empowering administrators to get a real-time view into cloud resources as they are provisioned and enabling enterprises to roll out applications faster and to deliver more reliable business services.



Make Your Private Clouds More Agile

Infoblox Cloud Network Automation dramatically shortens the time needed for provisioning and de-provisioning critical network services in private-cloud environments, including IP address assignments and DNS record entries. Manual tasks that once took hours or days now happen automatically in minutes or seconds.


Make Your Private Clouds More Scalable

Through our flexible deployment architecture, critical network services can be deployed in a variety ways to fit your needs. Cloud Platform Appliances can now be deployed to scale up and scale out, enabling vertical expansion (more tenants per cloud) or horizontal expansion (more private clouds at various data centre locations).




Make Your Private Clouds more Reliable

Infoblox is capable of delivering local, redundant (highly available) enterprise-grade DDI services for every cloud instance at every location. This enables greater availability and local survivability at remote data centres running your private clouds.


Do It All with Fewer Human Resources

In addition to the massive manual labour savings due to task automation, Infoblox provides ONE central management GUI for all cloud network automation tasks regardless of the number, size, and geographical location of the private clouds. This management GUI, alongside the new Cloud Dashboard Widget and new cloud reports, saves significant time, effort, and manual labour, reducing overall human resource requirements.



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Next Steps

Getting started with Infoblox is simple. No matter what stage in the process you are at, Calleva Networks can enable you with the resources you need to help Evaluate, Design and Deploy your Infoblox infrastructure.

Webinar: Register for our webinar to learn more about Infoblox products and understand the top reasons for choosing Infoblox.

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Evaluate: Take the Infoblox product portfolio for a test drive.

Design: We will create a design overview so you can assess the deployment choices.

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