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Simple provisioning interface

While todays products have never been so feature rich, they simply cannot satisfy every business case. Luckily most vendors understand this fact and typically provide some form of Application Programming Interface (API) that customers can use to fill the gaps.

Unfortunately, not every customer has their own team of developers that can take advantage of these APIs. In addition, where a customer does have such a team, other priorities mean it can be hard to get resources scheduled to do the work. Then there is the case of on-going support and development.

That’s why Calleva Networks has launched its own development capability.

With our simplified development process, we can quickly identify your requirements and produce a design which you will be happy to move forward with.

The process typically goes like so:

  • Produce a design from your requirements
  • Provide a quote and formally engage
  • Develop, test and document
  • Deliver and deploy
  • Optional post-acceptance support

Our engagement with you has been designed specifically to limit your risk and protect your investment, for example:

  • Requirements gathering and design process takes place before quoting
  • A fixed price structure can be offered
  • Our existing code archive will be used to reduce implementation time
  • Implementation and testing will be performed in Calleva Networks’ development labs to reduce the burden on you
  • Remote delivery and deployment can be provided to help provide a trouble-free rollout

We can provide you with post-acceptance support and maintenance on a subscription or ad-hoc basis.

We are happy to engage with you on requirements of any size, from light-weight user interfaces or web services, to full on vendor migration toolkits or standalone products.

For some example use cases, see below.

Simple provisioning interface

Simple provisioning interface

User Interfaces

Many companies outsource elements of their IT operations to less skilled staff who may not understand the intricacies of the infrastructure you have deployed. It may simply be the case that you do not wish to expose these operators to the full GUI provided by the vendor. It may also be the fact that there are certain features or functions you wish to restrict. For example:

  • You are using Infoblox but only want operators to be able to “add” new DNS/IPAM objects, you do not want them to be able to delete or change anything
  • You are using VitalQIP and do not want to allow people to delete subnets or modify network properties

Whether it be a simplified intuitive user interface or complex workflow system we can help. We can integrate with your vendor’s API, database or CLI programs in a vendor neutral approach to protect your investment.


The network is large and full of different equipment, many with different interfaces.

Orchestrating, provisioning and commissioning across this equipment can be time consuming and costly.

We can implement web services using technologies such as SOAP, XML or JSON, providing a standard interface to different equipment or environments to protect your investment.

Utilities & Toolkits

We have carried out a large number of migration projects over the years, building up our code archive as we go.

We have ready-to-go toolkits and libraries we can reach into, this cuts down on implementation time, ultimately saving you money.

Capacity report

Capacity report


While reporting tools are more flexible than ever, data acquisition for reporting is still a pain point.

Using our vendor expertise we can create customised reports containing specific content you need.

We can gather data from multiple sources and produce consolidated reports, containing as much detail as you need.

These can be HTML based portal type reports, or PDF files delivered via email or published to a shared directory.

Disaster Recover Application Switcher (DRAS)

We have leveraged our development capability to bring to market our own proprietary software to help organisations automate the switching of DNS records associated with planned or un-planned D/R events. For further information, please visit our DRAS product page here.


For further information about our development capability, contact us today.

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