Infoblox IP Address Management

ip-address-management_0Take Control of your IP Address Management!

The Trinzic IPAM product family includes the base IPAM product (part of the Trinzic DDI bundle) and add-ons for VMware virtualization and Microsoft server environments.

IPAM automates and simplifies IP address management for a more resilient network while yielding significant savings in labour.

See below for the Infoblox family of IPAM products.


Infoblox Trinzic® IPAM for Microsoft

Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft, an add-on to Trinzic IPAM, allows network administrators to centrally manage Microsoft DNS and DHCP services. IPAM for Microsoft delivers capabilities not available in Microsoft’s management suite–centralized IP Address Management–and the scalability to handle even the largest global implementations.

Agentless Integration
ipam-ms-1-sm_0 IPAM for Microsoft requires no changes or additional software for Microsoft DNS/DHCP servers or Windows hosts. Trinzic IPAM integrates seamlessly since it uses the same program calls used by Microsoft.


Management and Security Functionality not found in Microsoft
ipam-ms-2 IPAM for Microsoft includes extensive reporting, auditing, and security capabilities. The product automatically logs all IP-related operations for compliance and reporting. It also contains granular control capabilities, permitting specific operations to be assigned to specific administrators. This granularity enables security not available on a Microsoft DNS server.


Bi-Directional, Centralised Management
ipam-ms-3 With Infoblox’s web-based management interface, a system administrator can manage Microsoft and Infoblox DNS/DHCP services and IP addresses from a single location. Further, any DNS changes made using Microsoft’s utilities will also be reflected back in Infoblox. IPAM for Microsoft has full support for Microsoft Split-Scope, allowing the administrator to synchronize existing split-scopes for continued management within a single network view.



Infoblox IPAM Plug-in for VMware

An add-on to Trinzic IPAM, the Infoblox IPAM Plug-in for VMware’s vCenter Orchestrator automates the processes of obtaining an IP address in a virtualized environment. Developed for and delivered with the VMware vCenter Orchestrator (vCO), the IPAM Plug-in works in tandem with the VMware vCloud Director (vCD) and vCloud Automation Center (vCAC).
Provision Systems in Minutes
IPAM-VM-1 The Infoblox Plug-in automates the processes of providing an IP address (IPv4 and IPv6) to a newly created virtual machine, updating its DNS record and configuring network devices—all in a matter of seconds instead of hours or days. The Plug-in also automates the process of de-allocating an IP address if a virtual machine is deleted.


Synchronise DNS, DHCP and IP Address Services between VM Clusters
IPAM-VM-2-sm As VMs get moved from one network to another, the Infoblox Plug-in for VMware vCO automatically synchronizes the proper DNS entries and IP addresses, providing greater efficiencies in your networks.


Eliminate Errors Introduced by Manual Processes
IPAM-VM-3-sm_0 The Infoblox Plug-in for VMware vCO eliminates errors introduced by manual processes. This automation also leads to lower operational costs, and enables rapid deployments of virtual machines.



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