IPAM, DNS & DHCP Specialists

DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) are at the core of your network and are vital to the smooth functioning of your business critical applications. 

No matter how much you have invested in the physical network infrastructure, DNS, DHCP and IPAM provide core network services; without them the business stops.

Calleva Networks specialise in providing robust DNS, DHCP and IPAM solutions.

A DNS failure can cause massive disruption to your business; all of a sudden email stops, access to CRM/ERP or other core business applications fails and you may not even be able to use the printer. Many people simply do not realise how important DNS is to the smooth running of the network.

We have over 15 years of experience of deploying DNS, DHCP and IPAM solutions at some of the largest global companies. Our team deploys solutions across a wide range of industries, including finance, telcos, utilities and service providers; delivering time and cost saving solutions.

Our core belief is that by focusing in this technology area we can provide a superior service.

DNS, DHCP and IPAM solutions help you improve resilience and manageability by:

  • Providing robust, highly-available core network services
  • Improving visibility of IP address space utilisation
  • Providing cost and time savings through simplification of provisioning tasks
  • Eliminating costly human error and typos
  • Enabling pro-active management and monitoring
  • Supporting the adoption of new technologies such as IPv6

DNS, DHCP and IPAM solutions are at the heart of our strong portfolio. We also provide solutions in associated growth technologies, such as NTP servers, Network Access Control (NAC), BYOD, monitoring and automation products.

Gartner coined the term “DDI” when they released their first MarketScope report in 2009. Today, the whole industry uses this term to describe the technology.

[accordion title=”The first D in DDI is for DNS (Domain Name System)”]DNS is the phone directory that enables humans and computers to find each other via a friendly host name. Without DNS, the whole network stops as users can no longer connect to anything via a friendly name, while back-end systems that communicate with each other will break.[/accordion] [accordion title=”The second D in DDI is for DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)”]DHCP is the service that provides devices with their IP address when they connect to the network, be it a desktop PC, laptop, printer, server or iPhone/iPad or other mobile device. Without DHCP, nothing can get onto the network unless it is manually configured.[/accordion] [accordion title=”The I in DDI is for IPAM (IP Address Management)”]IPAM is a management process that involves documenting IP subnets and addresses. It is essential that these items are recorded so that duplicate addresses are not allocated. Furthermore, IPAM brings DNS and DHCP together into a tightly managed infrastructure that enables updates to be automated and reduces the amount of labour required to manage a complex network. When deploying IPv6, IPAM is essential to help document IPv6 prefix addresses and manage IPv6 address schemes.[/accordion]