Infoblox Trinzic Reporting

Powerful Historical Reporting, Trending and Tracking for DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management

As networks grow increasingly complex and critical, organizations often experience problems implementing the different needs of network services in real time. Corollary difficulties arise with historical reporting and tracking needs for trending, usage planning, security and regulatory requirements.

Trinzic Reporting leverages Infoblox’s leading platform for real-time views and management of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (IPAM) to provide longterm reporting, trending and tracking. Integrated with our Grid™ technology, Trinzic Reporting enhances real-time management of networks and network services through an extensive, customizable and historical reporting engine.

Trinzic Reporting delivers robust reporting capabilities within the same Infoblox platform and interface that lets you slice and dice the data in many different formats quickly and easily. You can find the exact information you are looking for — by dates, by locations and by numerous other definable parameters. Most importantly, because the platform’s detailed, customizable views are based on individual responsibility, Trinzic Reporting adds key value and immediate rewards for multiple audiences, which makes payback and ROI rapid and immediately demonstrable.

Trinzic Reporting provides extensive set of scheduled or on-demand reports

Trinzic Reporting provides extensive set of scheduled or on-demand reports.

Less Time Analyzing Data
Too often, IT teams spend days or weeks pulling together multiple data snapshots taken at different times across different tools, and then attempt to extrapolate the data using assumptions and educated hunches. Trinzic Reporting takes the guesswork out of data analysis by automating the collection, tabulation, correlation and presentation of key business parameters — all within a single platform and interface.

Using Trinzic Reporting’s detailed trending capabilities, you can accurately and easily forecast growth by tracking how fast the network is changing and what types of services people are accessing. In addition, Trinzic Reporting tracks network usage to identify resources that are over and underutilized, and finds top talkers and to whom they are talking over time. Armed with this detailed historical and trending data, you can isolate performance problems and create baselines to detect issues, often before any impact on the end user occurs.

Single Point of Management for Tracking, Security and Compliance
Many organizations waste time and resources using multiple tools and management platforms. Trinzic Reporting eliminates the need for multiple reporting tools — and the risks inherent in utilizing different management platforms — by integrating network services into a single point of management.

Trinzic Reporting provides customizable dashboards to provide you with critical information at a glance.

Trinzic Reporting provides customizable dashboards to provide you with critical information at a glance.

When addressing security concerns, a single point of management can be essential to maintaining network integrity. With today’s increasingly complex and critical networks, the need for historical tracking, documentation and forensics grows rapidly. Trinzic Reporting helps identify security threats by tracking where threats are coming from through detailed trending. Additionally, security teams can monitor who “owned” what IP address over time and see where each address was on the network.

Because real-time views alone are not enough to meet compliance requirements, Trinzic Reporting maintains extensive audit histories, including end-points and DHCP lease information, to help meet compliance requirements simply and completely.

Value to Multiple Audiences
Organizations often employ individual point tools to meet a very specific need for one group, and still other tools for the needs of other groups. While each tool may have value, overlap from multiple tools often occurs and leads to wasted resources. Trinzic Reporting eliminates overlap by bringing critical views into a single system while still supporting a wide range of users. For example:

  • IPAM admin — tracks how effectively each provisioned network is being used
  • DNS admin — detects heavy users and what are the top sites being queried
  • DHCP admin — improves lease history and find the most active DHCP clients
  • Security admin — improves traceability for compliance purposes and find threats
  • Network admin — understands subnet utilization for planning purposes
  • Helpdesk — offers better “at a glance” visibility into the current state of core services
  • Management — provides simple, presentable, reporting format on status and trends

Maximize Existing Investments
Trinzic Reporting is fully integrated with the Infoblox Grid and the leading solution for DNS, DHCP and IPAM. The Trinzic Reporting appliance collects and tabulates the information from multiple Grid members, and displays the information through the existing web-based GUI.

By leveraging the Grid platform, organizations maximize investments in network technology and resources. Also, the single, common interface greatly reduces the amount of training and experience needed since most users are already familiar with the Infoblox GUI.

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