Infoblox DNS Firewall Whitepaper Request


Are you doing enough to protect your business from malware attacks?

  • DNS-based malware is often the most dangerous, as it can be used to steal sensitive customer and business information
  • Conventional DNS servers can’t distinguish between good and malicious domains or block access to malicious domains
  • Malware threats are increasing, with around 7.8 million new malware threats per quarter in 2012

Infoblox DNS Firewall can be incorporated into your anti-malware and overall security approach to provide you with:

  • Maximum prevention against malware attacks for your business and your customers
  • Real-time response – monitor malware threats using DNS-focused data feed
  • Automation – build anti-malware prevention into your existing IT systems and processes

To learn more about how Infoblox DNS Firewall can protect you against Advanced Persistent Malware and other threats, please click here to access our whitepapers on the subject.

Click here to go to the Infoblox DNS Firewall product page, which contains more comprehensive information about how the solution works.

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