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Infoblox’s range of “-A” appliances are due to go EOL 31st Dec 2015

As part of a continuous improvement process, Infoblox replace older appliances with new models which are designed to handle increasing demands on your network. It’s important to note that if you are running older Infoblox hardware (so-called “-A” appliances), it will be reaching end-of-life (EOL) on December 31, 2015.  After that date, Infoblox will no longer support these platforms.

NOTE: This will impact any annual support renewals beginning 1st January 2015 as it will not be possible to extend support contracts past the EOL date for “-A” appliances.

Appliance Models Reaching End of Life (on Dec. 31, 2015):

•    IB-250-A
•    IB-550-A
•    IB-1050-A
•    IB-1550-A
•    IB-1552-A
•    IB-1852-A
•    IB-2000-A

Calleva Networks can advise and support you with a like-for-like replacement, consolidation or re-evaluation of the market. At a minimum, we can provide you with a competitive quote.

Like-for-like Replacement

Infoblox have released a number of new appliances (known as “Trinzic” appliances). If you are content to simply replace your Infoblox hardware with like-for-like Trinzic appliances, you can use the following table as a guide:

EOL Appliance model Trinzic replacement
IB-250-A TE-810
IB-550-A TE-820
IB-1050-A TE-1410
IB-1550-A TE-1420
IB-1552-A TE-2210
IB-1852-A TE-2220
IB-2000-A TE-2220 or IB-4010

Please contact us for advice as this is only a guide and we will need to take into account your existing IPAM database utilisation and any expansion/growth plans you may have.


Rather than a simple like-for-like replacement, now might be a good opportunity to review your current Infoblox estate to take into account new requirements and growth patterns. There may also be scope for consolidation, which may require fewer but larger sized appliances. We can provide assistance if this is the case as various factors will have to be taken into consideration such as database size, redundancy options and maintenance/migration of existing DNS/DHCP service IP addresses.

Market Re-Evaluation

Calleva Networks specialists have many years of exposure to the DDI market space, as such we have experience with most of the main vendors. We would be happy to provide impartial advice and our own qualified opinion about the vendors and products that comprise the majority of this market. We are also able to offer an alternative, BT Diamond IP, from our own portfolio of products.

If you are considering switching to another solution, this is not a decision that should be taken lightly as it can involve significant risk. The good news is that Calleva Networks has experience of performing numerous migrations and can provide the necessary advice.

Benefits of refreshing

It’s natural for electronic components to age, which could cause a degradation in performance or in severe cases, component failure. As technology advances, newer hardware often contains more functionality and can be more power efficient. This is true for appliances in the Infoblox Trinzic product range, which provide for an equivalent “-A” appliance replacement in terms of performance and capacity, but support a number of new features, such as:

1.    Higher performance

  • ~50% higher compute performance
  • ~30-50% higher object scaling

2.    Easier maintenance / lower operating costs

  • Lights out management
  • Field replaceable units (FRUs)
  • Redundant power supplies, fans and disks
  • Energy Star compliance, lower power consumption

3.    Platform Extensibility

  • Availability of advanced appliance options (with additional onboard processing power)
  • 10Gigabit interfaces

4.    Ability to run the latest versions of NIOS

  • Trinzic’s improved design, processing and memory enables new and upcoming versions of NIOS software to be supported.  For example, NIOS version 7.0, will only run on Trinzic appliances.

If looking to refresh your estate, there are a number of new appliances available to enhance DDI environments, for instance there are the new “PT” appliances that provide Advanced DNS Protection capabilities that can guard against DNS-specific attacks (e.g. amplification, reflection, tunnelling etc.). If you wish to find out more about some of the advanced DNS security capabilities of the newer appliances, feel free to get in touch.


Next Steps

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