Webinar 30th January: Network Automation

Take control - Automated Network Management with DNS, DHCP, and IP Address ManagementJoin us for an informative online session where you will be introduced to network automation tools and learn more about how they can enable you to control your network.

Webinar time:
1:00 pm (GMT)
Thursday 30th January 2014

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Why join?
Today, up to 80 percent of network problems are caused by change. For IT staff managing networks, the likely scenario is:

  • Network data and end-device inventories are incomplete and out-of-date
  • Network changes are performed on a device-by-device basis, or by custom scripts
  • Network Configurations standards drift over time, leading to inconsistencies and audit issues
  • Network access provisioning demand is increasing alongside the complexity of change

Find out how to control your network using these 4 key areas:

  • Automated Network Discovery of devices and how they connect
  • Automated change and configuration management that detects, archives and pushes configuration changes
  • Network security policy and compliance management to verify configuration standards
  • Automated provisioning of ACL and rules for multi-vendor network security devices

Key benefits:
The power of network automation is focused on providing robust discovery, control and automation, which delivers these key benefits:

  • Reduce risk: Since approximately two thirds or more of all network issues are tied to change and human error, the automation and control aspects greatly reduce the risk of outages and issues in addition to speeding the time to deployment
  • Be predictable: Instead of hoping your best practices are followed and there is no drift, automation helps enforce a standard and compliant network by having better controls and continuous monitoring and notification of violations
  • More efficient: Tying this together is improving staff efficiency – automation helps make sure the day-to-day tasks get done quicker and correctly

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I am a consultant, focused on DNS, DHCP and IPAM since 2000, involved in the life cycle of DDI deployments from Pre-Sales and Design through to Implementation, Training and Support. I like tea and rowing.

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