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Calleva Networks broadcast an online webinar on Thursday 30th January 2014 on the topic of “The benefits of Network Automation“.

This presentation introduces the Infoblox Network Automation tools that delivers robust discovery, control and automation. It outlines the key benefits and how it can enable you to control your network, and highlights issues that IT teams are currently experiencing.

Up to 80 percent of network problems are caused by change – mistakes made when manually changing devices, setting poor network configurations and incorrect ACLs/rules for network firewall devices.

Initiatives like virtualization, cloud computing and IPv6 only add to the challenge: new virtual servers can be spun up and down in a matter of minutes, but the network infrastructure supporting these dynamic environments typically requires days or weeks to change.

The recorded video presentations and slide deck are now available to view.

The benefits of Network Automation

The slide deck in PDF format is available below:

pdficon_large Network Automation presentation by Calleva Networks

If you would like to find out more about Network Automation, please visit our Network Automation product page.

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